Twyxt in one minute (and seven seconds)

What is Twyxt?

Twyxt is an app for couples to capture memories while they share, have fun and get things done. Twyxt’s unique features include a direct messenger for two, a shared calendar and shared lists. Twyxt provides couples a private space to communicate, share moods and photos, and cherish their life together.

Twyxt is the first private messenger for couples to automatically create a meaningful journal from everything they share. The unique living calendar takes all moments from conversations, and weaves them into a timeline of shared photos and messages, leaving them all just a tap away.

What makes Twyxt special?

Twyxt (available on iOS and Android) is a free app for your most important relationship. We believe that if you are in a happy relationship, your special one deserves it’s own dedicated icon on the phone (and ideally on the dock, it’s your better half after all!). Why would you communicate with your s.o. through text messages if in real life this relationship means the world to you? Couples have special needs and we develop technology for the part of the population that is not looking anymore…


And this is how we are different from other apps in the space:


  • First messenger that automatically creates a meaningful journal from everything the couple shares. Never loose a message again!
  • Our Keepsake box: Sometimes a message reads more like a love letter. Favorite messages and photos are placed into an area where they can be more easily cherished together. It’s the heart-shaped box of the digital age!
  • Fun stuff: Share your mood with a click, give your partner a little spank or kiss, or freeze him/her when you are annoyed about something he/she said.


We often like to refer to ourselves as the opposite of Snapchat. It is all about privacy and creating permanent memories from your conversations.


About us:

Twyxt_TeamOur team is a somewhat different than the typical SF startup. Even though we are based out of beautiful San Francisco, our team is composed of people from Germany, New Mexico, the real Mexico and the Philippines. Also a nice fact: We have female leadership! The CEO and Engineering role are taken over by Bianca and Renata, to the delight of cofounder Roman, who is our product guy! We all would love to be in touch with you, maybe hang out and chat about relationships (only that, sorry, we are all taken! :) )

Our mission is to make relationships better, we would love for you to help us spread the word!


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