Please Update! New Twyxt Version Now With Stickers – Founder Friday 24

for the app for couples

Finally, again a Founder Friday video. We have just released a new update for Android and iOS this morning. This is very important update. We did some reconfiguration of our servers and therefore we need you to sign out of the app to reconnect. Please get the newest version from the App Store or Google […]

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Your own Living Calendar – Founder Friday 22

Founder Friday 22

As you know our Calendar is very special and unique. Twyxt has the only calendar that not only works to plan your future, but also stores your past. All the content that you shares gets automatically woven onto our unique live calendar becoming the tapestry of your relationship. A photo of the day gives you […]

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Activities Together – Founder Friday 21

Founder Friday Vorschaubild

Having activities together is important. When you have a passion for an activity, it is awesome to share it with the one that means the world to you. Of course, sometimes there can be conflicts. You should keep your competitive urge on the mellow side, but should not let the other one win either. Even […]

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Facebook buys WhatsApp. What’s in for you as a couple? Founder Friday 22


Valentine’s week is over and Facebook buys WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. But of course, this is of no relevance for your relationship. With Twyxt yo know you have secure messaging, no data mining and everything is private and only yours! Watch todays episode of Founder Friday 22!   Here is the Blog article I […]

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Valentine’s Day San Francisco Pillow Fight – Founder Friday 20

Pillow Fight 2014 San Francisco

Today is Valentine’s Day! So we decided to take the Founder Friday outside and go to a place where many people go to have a good time. I know that all of you had a great time with your loved ones. So here are some scenes from this years Valentine’s Pillow Fight 2014 in San […]

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One week to Valentines Day – Founder Friday 19

Screenshot 2014-02-07 12.34.30

It is only one more week until Valentine’s Day. But what makes Valentine’s Day special? Well, it is simply a day celebrating your relationship and time together. Most of the holidays we celebrate are for bigger groups. Birthdays we never celebrate alone, Christmas and Easter as well as Ramadan are bigger group occasions. Where lots […]

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Data Security and Privacy – Founder Friday 18

Screenshot 2014-02-03 21.03.03

We know that privacy and security are very important to you, as they are to us! We know that we are dealing with sensitive data. That is why we do everything we can to protect you and your data. Your photos and messages are secured by powerful end-to-end encryption, so only you and your partner […]

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Breaking the routine! Founder Friday 17

Founder Friday 17

A new year has started and I m back in San Francisco. Back to my routine! BUT I kind of love breaking routine and changing things. We moved to a different space in our office and it feels good. Change is good and adds spice to our life. Routine is also one of the biggest […]

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Welcome 2014! Wild new year resolutions! – Founder Friday 16

Founder Friday 16

Hi Everyone, it is founder friday and a new year has just come around the corner. 2014 will be a great year. Many of you might have come up with new year resolutions. Maybe even about your relationship. We have put out a great article about new years resolutions for couples…. Maybe you want […]

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It is twixtmas time! – Founder Friday 15 in Rüdesheim am Rhein

Founder Friday 15

It is betwixt the new year and Christmas. A great time to spend with your loved ones! Many people don’t have to work or work is quite mellow. This is a great chance to go out and do something. Going on a trip together; if it is for a day or longer does not matter. […]

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