We believe that love relationships, empower our lives and make us awesome²! We believe that this unique and underserved relationship deserves its own tool to better communicate, coordinate and value the common past.
That is why we created an app for couples to share, have fun, and get things done. A messenger built for two, shared calendar, and lists.

The Company

Twyxt is the brand of Life of Two, Inc. A company dedicated to create a beautiful and delightful piece of software to make relationships better. We have a passionate team that loves working hard everyday to give couples their own private space, the space they deserve. As a couple you are already writing your story and we just assemble it and make it beautiful for you. We believe in the power of love and with Twyxt we provide an App to value your past, communicate the present and organize your future.


The Idea

Years ago Roman walks in on a girlfriend hunched over with a journal, her phone and a pen in hand. “What are you doing.. I am recording your SMS in my journal.. You write me such sweet messages (especially when you have been drinking) and I want to keep them”. An idea was born. With the proliferation of social networks and smartphones raging globally, Roman revisited the experience, this time in conversation with his sister Bianca. They found themselves face to face with an opportunity worth pursuing, the opportunity of creating the company dedicated to using technology to make relationships better.


The Name

The word “Twyxt” (a shortening of the old English “Be-twixt” meaning between two) is an ode to the days of pen & ink; when letters were sealed with a kiss and delivered by hand to a delighted lover. These letters were cherished and kept safely in boxes, and would later serve to comprise the story of a meaningful love. Twyxt aims to carry this tactile experience of love into the digital age, and create new ways for that story to be written.


The Team

Bianca W. Loew / CEO & Founder     


Bianca is a serial entrepreneur passionate about interactive marketing and PR. She founded and ran as MD the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Mexico where she was a lightening rod for online/mobile monetization in emerging markets. For the past year she has lived a long distance relationship with her twyxtr and now husband Zeke, an Argentine pilot. Twyxt makes 6,467 miles somehow feel less! Besides being a workaholic, Bianca loves traveling, Mexican and veggie food, is a Yoga fan and in charge of looking after her little brother Roman…




Roman Weishäupl / CIO & Founder     


Roman is the Innovation Officer.. our product guy. He is heading the product development for Twyxt, coordinating and supervising the development team and creating the vision of the product. He is in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend in Ireland and is passionately working on a better Twyxt for himself and everyone. Roman comes from an all innovation background. At his previous work he was Global Innovation Advisor for TrendONE, a trend research company in Germany, advising other companies on how to be more innovative and educating on trends within the digital and mobile industry. He is a well-known and inspiring keynote speaker. Travel the world, exploring new stuff, his football team Eintracht Frankfurt, diving and cross-golfing are his passion.


Renata Fuller / Director of Engineering  


Renata is our Director of Engineering and manages all our technical product activities. She is coordinating and leading our development team in order to make Twyxt better every day (and night). She brings over a decade of experience in developing software applications to the team from working at federal research laboratories to consulting. Before she joined our team she was working for Cyberdynamics and already using Twyxt with her boyfriend. Due to her dedication for relationships and technology, Renata educates students with the Professional Tutors of America in both math and technology. She also teaches working professionals from around the world how to build mobile applications at the Startup Academy. Besides building apps, Renata loves traveling to experience new cultures, training for marathons, salsa dancing and cooking cuisines with the famous New Mexico green chile.


Tobias Vogels / Product Marketing Manager   


Tobias is our Marketing Ninja and coordinates our growth activities in order to spread the digital love revolution all over the world. He is fascinated by new tech gadgets and loves to try out new applications even if he has already too many on his phone. However, his communication with his girlfriend stays always on Twyxt. Before Life of Two, Tobias worked at the restaurant reservation service Bookatable in digital Marketing. He loves traveling, exploring new places, playing soccer and meeting new people.


Adam Bridgewater / Lead UX Design     


Adam is a Multimedia Designer who has worked with clients from around the globe. For years, he spent his time observing and analyzing the way people interact with computer interfaces. Once introduced to Twyxt, Adam’s interest quickly developed into a full time obsession.
It’s not often that your professional and personal lives overlap in a way that benefits both. But Adam began to see just that when his relationship with his lovely girlfriend, Sarah, began to inform his approach to designing Twyxt. Likewise, he and Sarah’s relationship continues to take inspiration from the research required to build such an application.



Ryan Jake Castro / iOS Jedi


Jake is all about making cool and fun apps in iOS. He leads the Twyxt’s iOS development team. He utilizes his past experiences in game development to make things more exciting and interesting for our users. On his free time, Jake plays the saxophone and listens to smooth jazz music.


IronMiko Santos / Android Ninja


Miko loves building great software and innovative Android apps. He is leading the Android development of Twyxt. In his spare time he loves to hike on volcanos and running half marathons at 5am after working till 12am.


Stevenson Lee / Backend Titan


Steven is the rockstar of making sure all communication between iOS and android is running smoothly. He also helps guide our software architecture up the right path. His hobbies are are drawing and being a try-athlete (trying to catch up to Miko in running). He enjoys cooking and dreams of having more time to sleep.