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"Thank you for one of the cutest apps I've come across in a while." - Paula P.

Key Features:

Private Messenger Twyxt

Messenger with Fun Features

We know couples have more to say than simple chit-chat! Therefore, Twyxt offers a unique messaging experience: Let your partner know how you feel with features that mimic the way you are when you’re actually together!

Share your mood, feel a kiss, give a little spank or freeze them when an argument is getting to heated.

Keepsake box Twyxt


Sometimes a message reads more like a love letter; for that, there’s Keepsake. Favorite messages and photos are placed into an area where they can be more easily cherished together. Double tap any message to give it it’s special place.

“It’s the heart-shaped box of the digital age!"

Journal Calendar for Two

Auto-Journal Calendar

Twyxt eliminates endless scrolling for anyone searching for a message from this week, or from years prior. Everything you share gets automatically woven into your living calendar, making it easy to reminisce. Take a photo-of-the-day to create your personal diary. Day-by-day Twyxt builds the tapestry of your relationship.

Shared Lists and Calendar

Organizational Tools

Time is valuable so Twyxt helps to balance your life together. With the calendar you can make sure neither of you miss anything you have planned. If you are in a long distance relationship, keep each other in sync with what you do. Plan your dates together and make sure nothing gets in your way!

With lists, you can share everything from simple groceries to favorite restaurants. Keep ideas for the weekends and whatever comes to your mind. List it, get it done and enjoy!

Moods of Twyxt


A unique mood and smiley selection is available on Twyxt. These were designed in the spirit of the app and especially for your relationship by David Yoon, a New York-based designer.

Get on Twyxt now to check them out!

Privacy and security


What you share belongs to the two of you and no one else. The Twyxt messenger is protected by a powerful encryption to ensure that what’s meant for two stays between the two. For extra protection you can opt-in 4-digit code to protect others from access to Twyxt on your phone.

If your phone gets lost or stolen simply change password and start twyxting on your new device. Nothing will be lost or misused!