Why, how and what is Valentines Day?

ValentinesDay Graphic

For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, When every bird cometh there to choose his mate. Parlement of Foules (1382) by Geoffrey Chaucer. This poem was the kickoff to Valentine’s Day for lovers, written in 1362 by Geoffrey Chaucer, for the engagement of King Richard II… who ironically died on February 14th from starvation(!), thought […]

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Be a Couple, Be Awesome! The Top 10 Greatest Things About Being in a Relationship


Now, I may be a little biased but being in a couple is pretty awesome. Sure there are plenty of benefits about being single. But the perks of being in a relationship far outweigh these. Sorry to all you lone rangers out there, but it’s true. To prove my point, here is a list of […]

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10 DO’s and DON’Ts for Meeting the Parents for the First Time

10 DO’s and DON’Ts for Meeting the Parents for the First Time

Whether you’re a gawky, pimple-faced fifteen year old or a 40-something divorcee with kids, meeting your partner’s parents for the first time is always a nerve racking experience. And rightfully so. For many, meeting the parentals is a defining point that marks the transition from ‘causal dating’ to ‘serious relationship’. While for others it’s viewed […]

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Please Update! New Twyxt Version Now With Stickers – Founder Friday 24

for the app for couples

Finally, again a Founder Friday video. We have just released a new update for Android and iOS this morning. This is very important update. We did some reconfiguration of our servers and therefore we need you to sign out of the app to reconnect. Please get the newest version from the App Store or Google […]

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How Football Fever is Impacting Your Sex Life

world cup impacting your sex life

Have you been experiencing some unusual ebbs and flows in your sex life these past few weeks? If so, don’t be alarmed. Chances are, you and your partner are just experiencing a bout of sports-induced love-making mayhem. And The World Cup is most likely to blame. As crazy as it sounds, major sporting events have […]

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Chimichurri Interesante – dedicada al Dr Troncoso y a unos amigos muy especiales que andan por ahí


Este post, niños, va muy dirigido a su papá, al hombre de mi vida, a mi pareja. Entenderán porqué es importante, finalmente esto es lo que hace que seamos la familia que somos. ¨Chimichurri interesante¨  fue el calificativo que utilizó nuestro asesor de tesis cuando le dijimos que ya éramos novios. A la fecha no […]

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Top 5 World Cup Couples

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero

It’s no secret that off-field romances can play a critical role in the performance of professional athletes. David Beckham, Tiger Woods and Andre Agassi are all classic examples of how relationship woes can prove detrimental in the sporting arena. One 2010 study even found that the more emotional factors a player has to deal with, […]

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In or Out: How to Spend Your Next Date Night

couple dancing on the street

So you and the S.O. have a date night penciled in and as always, you’re wondering: should we stay, take it easy and save a bit of mula or should we splash out, go large and hit the town? Well fortunately there are infinite options for both scenarios and to help get the creative juices […]

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Awesome Proposal Video – Jack Hyer travels to 26 countries to make this special proposal video

Amazing proposal video - jack hyer travels 26 countries to propose

Jack Hyer, a student at the University of Mantana, went on his first date with Rebecca Strellnauer in September 2010. It went so good that he wrote in his journal: “I’m going to marry this girl, eventually.” Since this day, he spend 4 years traveling around the world. Jack visited 26 countries and put together […]

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Relationship Values: How and Why They Differ Between Men and Women

relationship values couple

This week we’re delving into relationship values and exploring how men and women vary in what they consider to be the most important factors in a relationship. Obviously romantic relationship values differ vastly across cultures, religions, ethnicities and age ranges. So for the sake of this post, let’s just assume I’m referring to your run-of-the-mill […]

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