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Be a Couple, Be Awesome! The Top 10 Greatest Things About Being in a Relationship

Now, I may be a little biased but being in a couple is pretty awesome. Sure there are plenty of benefits about being single. But the perks of being in a relationship far outweigh these. Sorry to all you lone rangers out there, but it’s true. To prove my point, here is a list of the top 10 best things about being in a relationship:

Greatest Things About Being in a Relationship

1. Help is Always on Hand

Need someone to drive you to the train station or bring you chicken soup when you’re sick? Having a partner means you have a guaranteed happy little helper on hand 24/7.

2. You Save Some Serious Dough

Not only do you save a heap of cash by splitting rent, cabs, groceries, cable plans and hotel rooms. Being in a couple also allows you to set up joint savings account that means more interest earnings. Ching ching!

3. Better Health

Repeated studies have found that people in long-term relationship enjoy a longer life expectancy than those who aren’t. One study published in the British Medical Journal even claims that long-term relationships lead to better mental health for women and better physical health for men.

4. No More Lonely Netflix Binges

Netflix. HBO GO. Hulu. Whatever it is you’re into, one thing’s for sure: in this day and age a streaming buddy is essential. And let’s face it, no one makes a better fellow Game of Thrones fanatic than a boyfriend or girlfriend.

awesome couple travel5. Guaranteed Travel Buddy

Have you ever wanted to travel to some far-flung destination but struggled to convince your friends to come with? This is another example where it pays to be in a relationship. Your partner wants to make you happy more than anyone so if there’s somewhere you’re desperate to visit they’ll be much easier to persuade.

6. Less Pressure to Look Good

When you have someone that loves you unconditionally all those bad hairs and hideous cold sores are reduced to minor annoyances. You no longer have the nagging pressure to look fabulous every minute of the day.

7. Self-Improvement

Everyone has flaws that they’re oblivious too. The problem is, none of your friends are willing to point these out for fear of upsetting you. This is where the significant other comes in. Your partner is the only person who’s going to tell you that you were being too opinionated at that dinner party last night. Or that you sometimes zone out when people are talking to you. Or that your signature hummus dip has way too much garlic in it. Partners are great for helping us identify flaws so we can quickly fix them and spare ourselves future embarrassment.

8. More Amigos!

When you’re a couple, you share most things. Friends included. So, according to my calculations, when you enter into a relationship you end up with twice as many amigos. Arriba!

9. Improved Communication Skills

Critical to the success of any relationship is effective communication. In order to achieve this you need to have excellent listening, negotiation and conflict resolution skills. It just so happens that these skills are also very important in a professional context. So if you can perfect them in your relationship, then it will be smooth sailing in the workplace too.

10. Partner = New Perspectives

Having a significant other means you have someone with whom you can openly and honestly discuss everything. These types of conversations are great for gaining new perspectives. Hearing how and why your partner thinks about a particular issue will encourage you to look at it differently too.

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